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Nokia Lumia 822 and 800 Developer Sweepstakes

Nokia Lumia 822 and 800 Developer Sweepstakes

Hey all, I am giving away a Lumia 822 and Lumia 800 to  Windows Phone Developers!                       Excited? Here’s the breakdown: Tweet

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Windows Phone April’s Foolstake

Calling all Windows Phone developers across the US!! Do you want to get your hands on your own, brand new NOKIA Lumia 620  (see WPCentral’s Review) running Windows Phone 8?!! Then just simply send me the windows phone store link to all the apps you have developed! I am giving away a phone every week of in the […]

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Write Your 1st Windows Phone App, Get a Free Nokia Lumia 800

Are you looking for that push to get that idea out of your head and onto people’s phones?  If so, HERE IT IS!!! Simply release your first Windows Phone app and email me the link and I’ll send you a phone!!! (Not your first? find my email at the bottom and tell me what you […]

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New WP7 Utility

So, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been quite busy working on several projects. Some apps, others small tools. Here’s a quick post on what’s new. ScanBizCards for Windows Phone has been released (a while now actually). It is the WP7 version of a top 25 iPhone business application that, as the […]

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Git Git Get It!

I just/finally put some code up on github. The repo includes the WP7ImageZoomer from my other post, among a buncha of useful classes that I have accumulated over several apps. For anyone doing network data syncing and using SQLCE in wp7, there’s a chunk in there just for you! Here’s the link: Any feedback would […]

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Getting the Windows Phone Blog Rolling with Image Zooming

Update: 2/22/12 My GitHub repo is up with this code! Look there for the latest version of WP7ImageZoomer as well as other things. Here’s the link: — My first blog post here, so let me take the time to say thanks for taking a gander. One of my biggest frustrations with Windows Phone has been […]

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