Windows Phone April’s Foolstake

Calling all Windows Phone developers across the US!!

Do you want to get your hands on your own, brand new NOKIA Lumia 620  (see WPCentral’s Review) running Windows Phone 8?!! Then just simply send me the windows phone store link to all the apps you have developed! I am giving away a phone every week of in the coming month – that’s THREE NOKIA Lumia 620’s + ONE NOKIA Lumia 800. You’d be an April’s fool not to enter! 🙂 And if the entries are really good, maybe I will give away more.. phones? Who knows!

For an app to be eligible it must have be released/published during or after November 2012. That’s it! And there are no limits on how many times you can enter. This will be a developer’s easiest sweepstakes ever! See below details and even more ways to enter:

Ways to enter Windows Phone April’s Foolstake:

  • Send me the link to an eligible* app
  • Send me the link to your DVLUP profile. If you’re on DVLUP and have at least 500XP, you earn another entry
  • DVLUP experience points (XP). Every 1000XP points earns you an entry. With a maximum of 10 entries via this method


  • You must be located in the United States
  • You must NOT be located in any of the following: Massachusetts, Texas, or California.
  • You cannot already be connected with another Nokia Ambassador

How to enter:

Send me an email to ext-chevon[DOT]christie[AT]nokia[DOT]com with the subject line “Windows Phone Foolstake”

In the body of the email, include:

  • Your Windows Phone developer/publisher name. This is the “publisher” that shows up in the marketplace when you release an app
  • Your various entries, using one of the methods above. Please, send a clear, coherent email with each entry specified and described. I will not search for why an entry is eligible. You must state what method qualifies the entry and I will verify that method only
  • Any news on apps you’re working on. I’m a dev too 😉

*An eligible app must be a quality app. What does this mean? See below.

  1. App must pass Marketplace Certification,
  2. No Hello World or Picture Catalogue / Resizer Apps.
  3. No RSS Readers
  4. One page apps must use either: Live Tiles, Gestures, Speech to Text, or Push Notification.
  5. The app cannot mimic functions already available via Windows Phone’s operating system. Ex: An app that simply searches for a place using Bing Maps. This is already easily available via the hardware search button
  6. The app must have a useful function.


Be nice and tweet the following. Also follow me @ChevonChr

“Hey, @windowsphone devs. Want a free @nokia #lumia620? here’s how: #wp7 #wp8 #free #win #retweet”


That’s it! Now go get that Nokia 620. Here’s some motivation 🙂

– chevon

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  1. PSST! calling ALL #wpdevs. I am giving way @nokia #lumia 620’s in my April’s Foolstake. email me! @wpcentral @dvlup

  2. NemOry says:

    Why Windows Phone Developer Relations don’t open to devs outside US?

    • admin says:

      Hi Nem,

      There are region-specific programs for developers. Here in the US, we have DVLUP along with Nokia Ambassadors. Please, check the Windows Phone blog and other sources to stay up-to-date with information for your region.

  3. #windowsphone devs. I am giving way @nokia #lumia 620s in my April’s Foolstake. @wpcentral @dvlup #wpdev #wp7 #wp8

  4. Great contest Chevon! Minor typo:

    ” I am giving away phone ” -> ” I am giving away a phone ”

    Also, your wink gif URL is broken (See “I’m a dev too”):

    — roschler

  5. @ashishmohta @WPXBOX and I am giving away 4 of them! 🙂

  6. Hey, @windowsphone devs. Want a free @nokia #lumia620? here’s how: #wp7 #wp8 #free #win #retweet

  7. are you #wpdev? then enter the #windowsphone #april’s foolstake to win a new @nokia #lumia 620. im not joking: #wp7

  8. @CodeToGlory the only other option is to earn a device or enter my april’s foolstake 🙂 \@dvlup

  9. all @windowsphone devs enter to win a free @nokia #lumia 620 here! it take almost zero effort. #wpdev #wp7 #wp8 #free

  10. @dscammell says:

    All @WindowsPhone Devs enter to win a free @Nokia #Lumia 620 here! #wpdev #fldev #wp7 #wp8 #free

  11. @prathiraj says:

    Hey, @windowsphone devs. Want a free @nokia #lumia620? here’s how: #wp7 #wp8 #free #win #retweet

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